40th Anniversary of the Talking Newspaper

Antrim Lions Billy Bell,Ken Oliver and PP Martin Donnelly attended a celebration dinner hosted by Ballymena Lions in The Adair Arms on the 27th June 2017.

The 40th anniversary was attended by former members, volunteers and those who have assisted with the recordings during the last 40years.The first recordings were made in the Flamingo Ballroom in Ballymena in 1977.Our own Charter Member, Billy Bell has been there from the start and has done a sterling job, He was congratulated on his jokes in as much that no one heard the punchline because Billy started to laugh before he got to it and so did the listeners so all they got was a good laugh!! Well done Billy. Finally the diners were addressed by the Mayor Councillor Paul Reid who congratulated the Lions and all the volunteers and The Library Board and indeed Lynda who makes sure that they are all delivered.